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1. Your name: "Long Live Taliban Al Qaeda" "OLd-fan" "suck my pp"
2. Name of the complained player: admins "Jesse Pinkman" "JuMbO"
3. Steam ON/OFF:
4. Date and time: 22/02/2023
5. Reason for complaint: Toxic, unfair and rude behaviors of admins
6. Other details:  Admin "Jesse Pinkman" "JuMbO" keep harassing me and finding excuses to kick, gag and ban me. I have been playing with the name "Long Live Taliban Al Qaeda" for so many days on this server but now this admin "Jesse Pinkman" keep changing my name without permission and always behaving rudely and finding excuses to kick. In screenshots you can also see other player call me noob but admin didn't take any action.

Before that, admin "JuMbO" banned me for 2 hours because he didn't want me to talk in chat and suddenly accuse me of insulting and bad language even when so many other players use bad language and insult me he doesn't kick them or ban. Still, after that I joined again I didn't say a single word in chat but admins jesse provoked me by changing my name to get excuse to kick me. 

These cry baby stupid admins need to grow up or make better unbiased people admins! Otherwise your servers are trash and boring because of these admins and not playable.

7. Evidence: Attached

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_38_17 am.png

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_38_30 am.png

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_38_42 am.png

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_39_08 am.png

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_39_45 am.png

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_40_05 am.png

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_40_11 am.png

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_58_41 am.png

Counter-Strike 22_02_2023 12_59_03 am.png

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