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  2. Anyway my decision right now is to leave the server after 2 years of playing on it i made a lot of friends and met new people but unfortunately i cannot continue i will stop playing on your server and I am so sorry and good luck with those kids you put as admins and the wrong decisions they take during the game thank you.
  3. Bro i dindnt ban him forever it was 1 day ban reason limbaj he disrespected me in front of players and admins i wasn't certainly wrong and i warned him to stop he even gave me gag which is completely wrong I think others would agree with me i have nothing personal with him or anyone this is just a game but some admins take it too personal and offend others which I dont like anyways you take whatever decision you like and if you want to remove my admin go on it is okay I showed you my point and my conscience is clear thank you.
  4. Hi Edison maybe he was wrong to tell you certain things but you were completely wrong when you banished it ... If you gave them BAN forever, you had remove, but in this case you have -1 degree and stay warned !!!
  5. Also i want to mention that I was gagged by him which is very disrespectful and he crossed the line there was other admins playing like Excommunicado and ANNdrei
  6. There is something in this server about ethics and respect that some admins do not understand like this player POwer nistu i was asking about a player that is suspicious if other admins are seeing the same thing im trying to see and this helper admin called power nistu started threatening me and disrespecting please be careful when choosing admins that are below 18 i dont have the energy to deal with disrespectful admins therefore i banned him and reason was "limbaj" if this thing will continue on the server I will leave we are here to respect each other and enjoy the game once again BE CAREFUL WHEN CHOOSING ADMINS who dont respect superior admins and thank you
  7. Nu folositi nume obscene astfel cererile vor fi respinse. Nu vor fi admise cererile abuzive, iar motivul schimbarii trebuie sa fie unul pertinent. O cerere se face odata la o luna de la ultima cerere depusa. Atenție! Simboluri precum ( ) ' . [ ] { } ! ? - + = etc nu sunt permise. Ca sa depui o cerere ai nevoie de minim 10 posturi pe forum.
  8. Nume: furia STEAMID:STEAM_0:0:523573617 Motiv: Nu stau ca sa mi frece mie nervi unu cu putere pe teamspeak
  9. » Ai citit regulamentul? : Da, l-am citit. » Unique ID : Al5OEYcrrYuFMywdaRopqa4GiCo= » Nick TS : Neymar11 » Vârsta ta : 26 » Contact : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198359308432/, ig. danutz.neymar si wapp in privat » Cu ce ai ajutat serverul ? : Sa mentinem linistea pe ts. » Gradul Dorit : Ceva frumos.
  10. Nu ies des la agatat, da' si cand ies, agat rufele😁

  11. Nume actual : furia Nume dorit : iFuriaAdv De ce doresti sa iti schimbi numele ? : vechi Numarul de posturi curente : 3
  12. ✰Numele tau: ✰Numele adminului: ✰Motiv: ✰Dovada: ✰Data/Ora: ✰Alte obiectii:
  13. Lasa-ma fa sa imi beau Lavazza.🤤

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